Juicy Relay Registration is CLOSED!!
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Registration Limit

150 teams per event

Team Configuration

3 Members per team

Entry Fees*

*Prices are per Team excluding Convenience fee charged by online registration vendor.   GST will be charged if you register from Apr 2015.
Registration Rates (Lobak Relay only) - Juicy Relay Series 2015Refund/Transfer of Slot

There will not be any refund (partial or full) after you have made payment.  However, you may transfer your slot to another person/team before the registration closing date of the respective event, but do let us know by sending an email to:

Terms & Conditions of Entry

  • All registrants shall understand taking part in such an activity can be strenuous on the body.  As such, you are required to be in good health to take part in any of the events.
  • Taking part is entirely at your own risk.  The organiser, its volunteers, vendors, sponsors, contractors, medical team and any other members involved in the event shall be fully indemnified against any claims arising from your participation in any of the events.
  • Any charges imposed by the Medical service provider will be charged fully to the participant.
  • The organiser reserves the right to make changes to the event format/venue/time based on factors controllable & uncontrollable, such as delay of the start time due to bad weather, unavailability of venue.

 Juicy Relay Registration is CLOSED!!
See you on Event Day