Event Info – Tebu Relay


Date: 26 July 2015, Sunday
Start Time: 7.30am
Venue: Taman Metropolitan Kepong (Map)
Distance per lap: 3.4km (subject to changes)
Number of laps to be completed per team: 6
Number of members per team: 3
Maximum number of teams: 150
Type of Baton: Tebu

Event Format

  • One team member shall complete 1 lap before handing over the Tebu to the next team member for the next lap.
  • For the 1st to the 3rd lap, only 1 Tebu shall be carried.
  • For the 4th to 6th lap, an additional Tebu shall be carried.  The 1st member must collect the additional Tebu before starting the 4th lap.
  • The Tebu must be with the member who is running, regardless of how the Tebu is carried on him/her.

Participants’ Entitlements

  • Number Tag
  • Water
  • Sports Drink
  • Food
  • Finisher Medal (3 per team)
  • First Aid

Bag Deposit

  • Limited space is available for bag deposit.
  • Your bag will be marked with your bib number.  Please show your bib number when depositing/retrieving your bag.
  • Please ensure your bag is able to withstand the weather & rough handling.
  • Please ensure no valuables and/or fragile items are placed with us as the Organiser & the Volunteers will not be held liable for any damage/loss to your bag and items which are kept with us.

Wet/Severe Weather

Before Event: The Start will be delayed for up to 30 minutes or so.  If the weather does turn not turn for the better, the Organiser may cancel the event.  There will not be any refund of the entry fee.

During Event: The Participants will be informed to take shelter & wait for updates from the Organiser.  If the weather does not turn for the better, the Organiser may stop the event prematurely.  There will not be any refund of the entry fee.